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The Resume

    (December 18, 1787- )
    3rd state to join
    Henry Hudson claims the area for the Dutch (1609)
    A trading post was established at Bergen (1623)
    Becomes a British colony (March 12, 1664)
    East and West Jersey united into a single colony (1702)
    Nickname: Garden State
    Capital: Trenton
    Size: 7836 square miles (ranks 46th)
    Motto: Liberty And Prosperity
    Bird: Goldfinch
    Flower: Purple Violet
    Tree: Red Oak
    Song: Ode To New Jersey Jersey Land, My Jersey Land (unofficial)

Why New Jersey might be annoying:

    When riding by Secaucus, it is recommended you role up the windows, because it smells real bad.
    New Jersey profited by being a suburb of New York City and Philadelphia.
    By coincidence an alcohol rehab center located in Paterson was built at the corner of Straight and Narrow.
    Lord Berkley sold his half of New Jersey to the Quakers (March 18, 1673).
    New Jersey Legislature formed the first Native American reservation (August 29, 1758).
    New Jersey was the last northern state to abolish slavery (February 15, 1804).
    Temperature ranges from -34ºF (January 5, 1904) to 110ºF (July 10, 1936).
    NBA's New Jersey Nets set record of 32 game road losing streak (1989).
    Despite two NFL teams playing in New Jersey, the New York Giants (1976- ) and New York Jets (1984- ) refuse to use the New Jersey name.
    It's the most expensive U.S. state to insure a car.
    It has the most traffic per sq. mile.
    It's the most densely populated U.S. state.

Why New Jersey might not be annoying:

    It is home to Princeton, one of the Ivy League colleges.
    The clock on the Colgate Building was the world's largest clock. Standard time was created in New Jersey in 1883.
    The first baseball game may have been played in Hoboken (1839).
    TV series 'Charles In Charge,' 'Down the Shore,' 'Joe & Sons' and 'Live in Dream' were set in New Jersey.
    The painting 'Washington Crossing the Delaware,' is based on The Battle of Trenton (December 25, 1777).
    The NBA basketball team New Jersey Nets (1967-68, 1977- ) formerly played in New York.
    The NHL hockey New Jersey Devils (1982- ) won 2 Stanley Cups (1995, 2000).
    New Jersey was the nation's capital at Princeton (1783) and in Trenton (1784).
    Vice President Aaron Burr, President Grover Cleveland, boxer Jersey Joe Walcott, Flip Wilson, Frank and daughter Nancy Sinatra, Sandra Dee, Artie Lang, Kelly Ripa, Tara Reid, Bruce Springsteen, John Bon Jovi and Malcolm Jamal Warner were born in New Jersey.
    It was the first state to pass a bill requiring a license to practice medicine (September 26, 1772).
    New Jersey was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights (November 20, 1789).
    Gas stations are full service at no additional charge.

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