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10 Celebrities, Girls Want for Moms [1979]

100 Greatest Moms [Redbook]

5 Celebrities, Girls Want for Dads [1979]

6 Celebrities, Boys Want for Dads [1979]

7 Celebrities, Boys Want for Moms [1979]

AARP Sexiest Grandparents Alive [2005]

AOL's 12 Most Embarrassing Dads [2007]

AOL's Top 10 Celebrity Baby Searches [2008]

AOL's Top 10 Moms/Moms-to-be Searches [2004]

Ask's Top 10 Pregnant Celebrity Searches [2007]

Associated Press' Weirdest Baby Names of the Year [2008]

Avent's Top 5 Dishiest Dads [2006]

Avent's Top 5 Yummiest Mummies [2006]

Best Week Ever's 10 Best Pregnancy Announcements [2007];

Breeders [Have 5 or More Kids]

Britain's Yummy Mummies [September 2005]

Court TV's 8 Creepiest Celebrity Parents [September 2006]

Daily Record Top 10 Sexiest Mothers [June 25, 2003]

Daughters of Celebrities

Deadbeat Dads

Earfarm's Top 10 Moms Who Rock [May 2009]

Emancipated Minors

Epson's Top 10 Celebrity Dads [2003]

Epson's Top 10 Celebrity Dads [2004]

Epson's Top 10 Celebrity Dads [2005]

Famous For Getting Pregnant

Feral Children

Fit Pregnancy's 20 Best Cities to Have a Baby [2006]

FQ Magazine's Top 10 Dads - Rap Stars

FQ Magazine's Top 10 Dads - Rock Stars

FQ Magazine's Top 10 Dads - World Leaders

GoldDerby’s Top 40 Best TV Moms [2020]

GQ Germany's - Daughters of Stars

Grand Magazine's Sexiest Celebrity Grandparents [2005]

Grand Magazine's Sexiest Celebrity Grandparents [2006]

Grattan's Celebrity Mum of the Year

Grattan's Top 5 Celebrity Mums of the Year [2007]

Harper’s Bazaar 50 Most Influential Moms [2017]

Hollywood's Sexiest Single Dads - Harris Poll [2005]

Hollywood's Sexiest Single Moms - Harris Poll [2005]

Hubby Stole My Fortune

I am a Single Dad

I am a Surrogate Mom

I Claimed to Be Anna Nicole Smith's Baby Daddy

I Fathered a Child Through In Vitro Fertilization

I Fathered Children With At Least Three Women

I Gave Birth by Cesarean Section

I Gave Birth Within a Year of Becoming a Widow

I Gave My Kid a Ridiculous Name

I Had a Vasectomy

I Have Kids at Least 20 Years Apart

I Outlived My Child

I Posed Nude While Pregnant

I Publicly Endangered My Baby

I Took a Paternity Test

I was Estranged From My Child

I was Estranged From My Parents

I Was in an Orphanage

I was In Vitro Fertilized

I Was Sent to Reform School

I'm a Bastard

In Touch Magazine's Hollywood's Hottest Dads [2005]

In Touch Magazine's Sexiest Hollywood Moms [2005]

In Touch's Top 10 Lost Baby Weight Fastest [December 31, 2007]

Liquid Generations 10 Worst Celebrity Parents

Lycos' Top 20 Famous Moms [May 2004]

Mama Stole My Fortune

Men Who Gained Full Custody of Their Kids

Most Popular Baby Names Inspired by a Celebrity in the Past 2 Years [2005]

My Child was Borne by a Surrogate

My Child Was Conceived through Rape

My Dad Died Before I was Born

My Dad was Violent/Abusive

My Kid Trashed Me

My Mom was Violent/Abusive

My Sister is My Mommy

Netscape's Top 10 Sexy Star Mommas [May 2003]

NY Daily News 14 Celebrity Family Feuds [December 2009]

OK! Magazine's Top 10 Celebrity Baby Names [Parents]

Old Dads

Old Moms

People's Hottest Mamas of the Year [2008]

Posthumous New Dads

Radar Online Top 7 Worst Celebrity Parents

Raised by a Single Mom

Smart Money's Top 10 Best States to Be a Working Mom [2009]

Sons of Celebrities

Stage Moms/Dads

TMZ's Hot Mommas [2007]

Too Old to Still Live at Home

Top 11 Sexiest Celebrity Single Moms by Female Online Daters [2009]

Top 11 Sexiest Celebrity Single Moms by Male Online Daters [2009]

Virgin Money 5th Celebrity Dad of the Year [2007]

Women Who had Abortions

Women Who Lost Full Custody of Their Kids

Women Without Borders List of Powerful Moms [October 2008]

xPosed Top 10 Hottest Moms of the Year [May 2005]

Young Dads [I Had a Child Before Turning 21]

Young Moms [I Had a Child Before Turning 21]


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