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Phil Mickelson

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The Resume

    (June 16, 1970- )
    Won 21 PGA Tour Events, 1990 US Amateur, 3-Time NCAA Championship winner, over $20 Million in career earnings
    Won the Masters (2004)

Why he might be annoying:

    Despite golfing left-handed, he does everything else right-handed.
    His dad made the Sportscope, a periscope used at golf tournaments, and capitalized on his son's name (
    He has somewhat large breasts for a man.
    His dad made a putting green for him in his backyard when he was a child.
    He is well-known for taking silly risks when he is in contention for tournaments, and has thrown away many victories for doing so.
    In his 1st event as a professional, the 1992 US Open, he 3-putted from a range of 6 feet on a hole, resulting in a triple bogey on that hole.
    In the final round of the 2002 Bay Hill Invitational, leading by one stroke, he hit his tee shot in the trees on the par-5 16th hole and attempted to hit the green through a small opening, but hit it in the water instead, costing him the tourney.
    In the 3rd round of the 2002 Players Championship, he 5-putted the 10th hole, leading to an 8, and taking him from a winning position to a a tie for 28th.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He golfs left-handed.
    He has fairly few endorsement deals for a golfer of his stature (
    He is the last golfer to win a PGA tournament as an Amateur (Northern Telecom Open, 1991).
    He doesn't sell anything on his website (
    He tends to be generous with autograph requests, and poses in pictures for fans.
    He donated $250,000 of his 1999 Ryder Cup winnings to more than ten charities.

Credit: Eric Hartman

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