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Tatiana Totmianina

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Figure Skater

The Resume

    (November 2, 1981- )
    Resides in Chicago, Illinois
    World Champion Pair Skater (2004)
    World Champion Pair Skater (2nd place 2003)
    Partner is Maxim Marinin
    Olympic Gold Medal )February 13, 2006)

Why she might be annoying:

    During a one-handed lift at Skate America, she and partner Maxim Marinin lost their balance and she fell face first into the ice (October 23, 2004).
    She blocked the accident out of her memory.
    She said on CBS Early Show 'My head (is) in pain, my body (is) in pain, but I don't really know what happened.'
    She joked the move 'wasn't successful.'
    Her name is long and a bit of a tongue twister.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Although the accident looked life threatening, she only suffered a concussion and some facial bruises.
    She only stayed over night at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh.
    She wants to get back to skating as soon as possible and plans to be skating in just over a week.
    She said: 'I'm not afraid. I want to go right now.'
    She and Maxim were single skaters prior to pairing up (1996).
    In 2003, they won Cup of Russia, Skate Canada, European Championships and Russian Nationals.
    They earned a perfect 6.0 in their short program for the 2004 world champions.

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