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Jeff Fisher

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Football Coach

The Resume

    (February 25, 1958- )
    Born in Culver City, California
    Graduate of the University of Southern California
    Drafted by the Chicago Bears as a cornerback in the seventh round in the 1981 NFL Draft
    Defensive backs coach for the Philadelphia Eagles (1986-1987)
    Defensive coordinator for the Eagles (1988-1990)
    Defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams (1991)
    Defensive backs coach for the San Francisco 49'ers (1992-1993)
    Defensive coordinator for the Houston Oilers (1994)
    Head coach for the Oilers/Tennessee Titans (1994-2011) and the St. Louis Rams

Why he might be annoying:

    His playing career ended on a special teams play where he collided with Bill Cowher.
    His teams rarely get very far in the playoffs.
    He has been accused of 'placing bounties' on other team's starting players.
    He has been accused of coaching too conservatively.
    He went 1-5 in his first year of coaching.
    The Titans continued to employ him even though he posted losing records.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is well-liked by his players.
    He coached his former college teammate, Bruce Matthews.
    He was also teammates with Joey Browne and Ronnie Lott
    Following Bill Cowher's retirement, he held the longest tenure with the same team out of all head coaches in the NFL.
    He was a Pac-10 All-Academic selection in 1980.
    He also serves as the Executive Vice President of the Titans.

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