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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Resume

    (July 30, 1947- )
    Starred in 'Total Recall,' 'Commando,' 'The Running Man,' 'Predator,' 'True Lies' series, 'Terminator' series, 'Batman and Robin,' 'Jingle All the Way,' 'Junior,' 'Twins,' 'Last Action Hero,' 'Kindergarten Cop,' 'Conan the Barbarian,' 'Pumping Iron' and 'Red Sonja'
    Former partner in 'Planet Hollywood' restaurant
    Did a commercial for 7-up
    Governor of California (Rep, 2003-2010)
    Announced separation from wife, Maria Shriver (May 9, 2011)

Why he might be annoying:

    His father belonged to the Nazi party during World War II.
    He smokes cigars.
    He believes women should not wear pants.
    He sued International Game Technology for $20,000,000 for unauthorized use of his likeness and voice on slot machines.
    He was named in a paternity suit by a Texas woman claiming he fathered her 12 year old daughter (1995).
    He announced his candidacy for governor on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' calling it the toughest decision he's made since deciding to get a bikini wax in 1978 (2003).
    He's from Austria and is running for governor of one of the largest U.S. states.
    During his campaigning, supporters had to continously defend his ability to think intelligently.
    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he defended his rejected idea for ending Terminator 3 by saying: 'How many times do you get away with this - to take a woman, grab her upside down and bury her face in the toilet bowl.'
    In a speech he referred to those who voted against his tax plan as 'Girlie men' (July 2004).
    The Golden Raspberrys select him worst actor of the last 25 years (February 26, 2005).
    He publicly admitted he had a 'secret child' with a former household staffer while he was married to Maria Shriver (May 17, 2011).

Why he might not be annoying:

    His father was abusive and beat him with a belt.
    He married Maria Shriver (April 26, 1986).
    He ranked #20, in Empire Magazine's Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time.
    He had heart surgery at 50 years old, to correct a congential heart defect (1997).
    He is disliked by feminists.
    He became a U.S. citizen (1983).
    He graduated the University of Wisconsin-Superior (1979).
    He became a brick layer to finance his body building career.
    He owns his own personal Boeing 747.
    He's known for philanthropy around the Los Angeles area. His causes include helping disadvantaged youth and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a prominent Jewish institution.

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