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Fred Ward

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The Resume

    (December 30, 1942-May 8, 2022)
    Acted in 'Escape from Alcatraz (1979),' 'Southern Comfort (1981),' 'Timerider (1982),' 'The Right Stuff (1983),' 'Silkwood (1983),' 'Uncommon Valor (1983),' 'Swing Shift (1984),' 'Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985),' 'Miami Blues (1990),' 'Tremors (1990),' 'Henry & June (1990),' 'Equinox (1992),' 'The Player (1992),' 'Thunderheart (1992),' 'Short Cuts (1993),' 'The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994),' 'Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996),' 'Chain Reaction (1996),' 'The Crow: Salvation (2000),' 'Road Trip (2000),' 'Joe Dirt (2001),' 'Corky Romano (2001),' 'Sweet Home Alabama (2002)' and 'Funky Monkey (2004)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He worked as a lumberjack, janitor, short-order cook, produce picker, subway tunneler and jewelry street vendor.
    He looks 'beat up.'
    He studied mime.
    He was offered roles mostly as a character actor.
    His first lead role was in the movie 'Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins,' based on the successful book series. It did poorly at the box office.
    His movie 'Henry & June,' co-starring Uma Thurman, was the first film to received Hollywood's dreaded NC-17 rating.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is partially descended from Cherokee Native American.
    As a child he was bounced around between living with relatives in California, Texas and Louisiana.
    He speaks Italian.
    He enlisted for 3 years in the U.S. Air Force.
    He won 2 BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for 'Tremors' and 'Cast a Deadly Spell,' and a Golden Globe for 'Short Cuts.'
    He produced as well as co-starred in 'Miami Blues,' which won awards for co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh.
    In 1996 he reprised his role as Earl Bassett in 'Tremors II' for a cool $1.4 million.

Credit: Scar Tactics

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