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Dagmar Midcap

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TV Personality

The Resume

    (circa 1969- )
    Born in Vancouver, Canada
    Career TV hostess, reporting on traffic for BCTV's Morning Show, reporting traffic and weather for Vancouver TV and test driving new cars for BCTV's 'Driving Television'
    Weather girl for CBS 46 in Atlanta, Georgia from 2007 - present
    Real last name is Gottschalk
    Graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology

Why she might be annoying:

    When she won her Emmy for local weather reporting, one unimpressed critic said he didn't know that the Emmys had a swimsuit competition.
    She reports on weather despite having no training as a meteorologist.
    She has implants.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She's made more than thirty appearances on TV and in the movies as a TV reporter.
    She's won an emmy for her weather reporting.
    She's cheerful.
    She's a superb on air dresser.
    They're really nice implants.

Credit: tom_jeffords

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