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Bob Newhart Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 16, 1972-August 26, 1978)
    Originally aired on CBS
    Set in Chicago
    Bob Newhart as Dr. Robert Hartley
    Suzanne Pleshette as Emily Hartley
    Bill Daily as Howard Borden
    Peter Bonerz as Dr. Jerry Robinson
    Marcia Wallace as Carol Kester Bondurant
    Jack Riley as Elliot Carlin
    Florida Friebus as Lillian Bakerman
    John Fiedler as Emil Peterson
    Premise: The adventures of a psychologist and his wacky patients, neighbors and co-workers

Why Bob Newhart Show might be annoying:

    This is Bob Newhart's second show. The first had the exact same name, but was a variety series.
    It focused on sophisticated humor when television was increasingly leaning towards physical comedy and obvious jokes.
    It might have been criticized for mocking patients of psychologists.
    Though it was repeatedly cited as one of the best situation comedies of the 1970s, it was only nominated for four Emmys during its entire 8-year run.
    Its star was less than charismatic, and every other character was an oddball.

Why Bob Newhart Show might not be annoying:

    As it avoided topical humor, it has aged better than most 1970s sitcoms.
    Peter Bonez learned a lot about directing on the set and eventually became an award-winning director of comedy series.
    When Bob Newhart read the premise of the series, he insisted that the lead be a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist (to avoid mocking the mentally ill).
    He insisted his character be childless, to avoid the show turning into a typical sitcom that belittles the father.
    A popular drinking game called 'Hi Bob' was created by college students. Each time the words 'Hi Bob' were said on the show, the player had to take a drink.
    It inspired one of the most memorable television finales, where Bob's second sitcom 'Newhart' is revealed to be just one of Bob Hartley's crazy dreams.
    It ended while many still considered it to be at the top of its form.

Credit: Captain Howdy

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