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Kam Heskin

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The Resume

    (May 8, 1975- )
    Resides in Los Angeles, California
    Acted in 'Dirty Love' (2005), 'Ecology of Love' (2004), 'Pride and Prejudice' (2003), 'This Girl's Life' (2003), 'Vlad' (2003), 'Catch Me If You Can' (2002), 'Planet of the Apes' (2001), 'Tomcats' (2001), 'Held for Ransom' (2000) and 'Blackjack' (1998)
    Portrayed Caitlin Richards Deschanel on 'Sunset Beach' (1998-99)
    Guest appeared on 'Charmed,' 'Angel' and '7th Heaven'
    Model with Willhemenia Modeling Agency

Why she might be annoying:

    She is shy.
    As a child and through her teen years, she thought she had multiple sclerosis. 'My hands kept curling on me - getting a tingling pins and needles sensation. I'd get tunnel vision and see stars. Before long, I couldn't control my arms anymore.'
    It turned out to be panic attacks.
    She says her biggest fear is being in a plane crash.
    She claims she looks like one of the Hansons.
    She feels her shoulders are too broad.
    After staying out past curfew, her parents punished her by making her paint the shed.
    She hadn't watched 'Sunset Beach' prior to getting he replacement role on the show.
    Fans were unhappy that she replaced Vanessa Dorman on 'Sunset Beach.' She realized that they were attached to the actress who originated the role.
    She was just a few months away from her wedding date when she landed her role on 'Sunset Beach.' She was willing to postpone her wedding, but they offered her two weeks off for her wedding and honeymoon.
    In a coincidence, her wedding's first dance was 'How Do I Live?' by Trisha Yearwood which was also her character's wedding song on 'Sunset Beach.'
    Some of her wedding bouquet died the day of the wedding.
    Due to a hurricane on her honeymoon in Tahita, she and her husband played chess indoors (really!).
    Her marriage to restaurateur Jonathan Cheriff was annulled.
    She got fired from Taco Bell.
    She hates mustard.
    She snacks on Cap'n Crunch cereal.
    She moved to Chicago immediately after graduating college.
    She enjoys Elton John, Nicolas Cage and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She graduated Concordia College in Minnesota.
    She lived in New York City for awhile.
    She was a substitute teacher.
    She won the 'Teen Mesa Mall' award for three straight years.
    She finished in the top ten the year Tiffany Amber Thiessen won the Teen Model Search.
    She was runner-up for America's Ultimate Cowgirl.
    In order to appear in 'Black Jack,' she took dance lessons.
    She was seated on the plane home when she found out she landed her role on 'Sunset Beach.'
    She appeared in 'Sunset Beach' until it was cancelled (December 1999).
    When she auditioned for 'Sunset Beach,' the producers did not tell her for what role, as the actress portraying Caitlin was yet to be fired.
    She loves Mexican food.
    She is flexible and can do a back flip.
    She worked with animal adoption charities.
    The first thing she does in the morning and last thing she does at night is walk her dogs.
    She modelled for the Montgomery Ward catalogue.
    Her favorite tool is her electric drill.
    She said: 'I love the heat and smell of cutting wood.'
    She enjoys fixing things including cars.
    She appeared in Stuff Magazine (May 2001).

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