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Kevin Porter, Jr.

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Basketball Player

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He goes by his middle name instead of his birth one.
    Due to this, he was mistaken to be the son of former NBA player Kevin Porter.
    He has sleeve tattoos on his arms.
    He was charged with improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle (November 15, 2020).
    He unceremoniously left the Cavaliers after throwing a tantrum in response to having to change his locker spot after the team acquired Taurean Prince in a trade.
    He earned a one game suspension by the Rockets after he left the arena during a game, following a verbal argument with a teammate.
    He was arrested and charged after he assaulted his girlfriend in a domestic altercation (September 11, 2023).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is left-handed.
    He was raised by a single mother after his father was murdered.
    He was considered a five star recruit coming out of USC.
    He is the youngest player in NBA history to record 50+ points and 10+ assists in a single game.

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