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The Resume

    (February 14, 1992- )
    Rivers Cuomo, vocals/guitar (1992- )
    Pat Wilson, drums (1992- )
    Jason Cropper, guitar (1992-1993)
    Brian Bell, guitar (1993- )
    Matt Sharp, bass (1992-1997)
    Mikey Welsh, bass (1998-2001)
    Scott Shriner, bass (2001- )
    Albums include: ‘Weezer (Blue Album),’ ‘Pinkerton,’ ‘Weezer (Green Album),’ ‘Maladroit,’ and ‘Make Believe’
    Recorded 'Undone - The Sweater Song,' 'Buddy Holly,' ‘My Name is Jonas,’ 'El Scorcho,' 'Pink Triangle,' 'Only In Dreams,' ‘Photograph,’ ‘Hash Pipe,’ ‘Island in the Sun,’ ‘Beverly Hills,’ ‘We Are All on Drugs,’ and ‘Perfect Situation’
    Featured on the Windows 95 CD-Rom with the music video 'Buddy Holly'
    Featured on the 'Mallrats' soundtrack with 'Suzanne'
    Performed at the Vans Warped Tour

Why they might be annoying

    They write way too many songs about a hopeless romantic.
    They played a secret gig in Los Angeles under the pseudonym 'Goat Punishment' (2000).
    Matt Sharp left the band to concentrate on his own group, the Rentals.
    To make the song more TV friendly, MTV and VH-1 changed their song, ‘We Are All on Drugs’ to ‘We Are All in Love.’
    Their first gig was opening for Keanu Reeves’ band, DogStar.
    Rivers went into a period of seclusion in 1998. He disconnected the phone, painted his walls black, and would go months without speaking to anyone.
    Rolling Stone Magazine named their album, ‘Pinkerton,’ the worst album of 1996.
    Their record label pushed them into making their 2005 album, ‘Make Believe.’
    Their 2005 tour with the Foo Fighters was referred to as the ‘Foozer’ tour.

Why they might not be annoying

    They became successful with the image of a garage band.
    Their debut album was produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars.
    Their 'Buddy Holly' video featured cut in tapes of 'Happy Days.'
    Their ‘Keep Fishin’’ video featured the band with The Muppets.
    After dropping out of college, Rivers announced he would return to Harvard in 2006.
    They list Kiss, Cheap Trick, Green Day, and Nirvana as major influences.
    They have a great sense of humor.
    They shot their video for ‘Beverly Hills’ at the Playboy Mansion.
    Rivers was in a Kiss cover band.
    Additional info: Rocky

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