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Why NewsRadio might be annoying:

    It is responsible for Andy Dick and Joe Rogan having careers.
    NBC moved it 11 times in five seasons.
    The writers, under pressure from NBC, would start multi-episode story arcs, but then get bored and abandon them without resolution.
    The episode 'The Injury' was not broadcast for nearly two years over excessive use of the word 'penis.'
    The show never recovered from Phil Hartman's death.

Why NewsRadio might not be annoying:

    Unlike many 90s series, it was not a clone of either Seinfeld or Friends.
    Its fast-paced scripts combined physical humor and smart dialogue.
    It had absurdist season finales, with the characters running a radio station in outer space (third season) and as crew members on the Titanic (fourth season).
    The producers reacted to demands from NBC for a wedding episode by having Jimmy James try to force Joe and Lisa into an on-air wedding for ratings.
    The cast members broke down several times while taping the episode dealing with the death of Phil Hartman's character.

Credit: C. Fishel

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