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Frankie Avalon

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The Resume

    (September 18, 1939- )
    Recorded Songs 'Teach Me Tonight,' 'Venus,' 'Why,' 'Welcome Home,' 'Yes, I'm in Love,' and 'Welcome Home'
    Starred in the 'Beach Party' Movies
    Made a cameo in 'Grease (1978)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a Teen idol.
    He toured with Fabian.
    He appeared in John Wayne's fiasco, 'The Alamo (1960).'
    He failed to find serious roles in movies.
    He failed in his comeback, 'Back to the Beach (1987).'
    His popularity faded in the early Seventies.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was one of the most popular teen idols of the late fifties and early sixties.
    He guest starred on the Patty Duke Show.
    He's been married to the same woman for over 40 years.
    He recorded the #1 songs 'Venus' and 'Why' in the same year (1959).
    He said: 'God's delay is not God's denial'
    He and his wife have 8 children.
    He starred in the 'Beach Party' films, which have gained recognition as camp classics.
    He is currently a millionaire.
    The film 'The Idolmaker (1980)' is based on him.

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