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Bob Newhart

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The Resume

    (September 5, 1929- )
    Birth name is George Robert Newhart
    Star of 'Bob Newhart Show,' 'Newhart,' 'Bob' and 'George and Leo'
    Appeared in 'Little Miss Marker,' 'First Family,' 'Hot Millions,' 'Hell is For Heroes,' 'On a Clear Day You Can See Forever,' 'Cold Turkey' and 'Catch-22'
    Spokesperson for
    Comedy album, 'The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart' went #1 (1960)
    Met his wife Virginia on a blind date set up by comedian Buddy Hackett

Why he might be annoying:

    His delivery has a stammering pace.
    Much of his early comedy work involved his side of a phone conversation.
    He was a chain smoker.
    His sister is a nun.
    He and his wife Virginia are great friends with Don Rickles.
    They spent their last 20 years vacationing together.
    He has a fear of flying.
    His TV show spawned the original drinking game called 'Hi Bob,' where participants took a drink every time someone would say, 'Hi Bob.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    When his nose would not stop bleeding, he was taken to the emergency room.
    He was told he had a disease that gave him an over abundance of red blood cells brought on from smoking.
    He never smoked a cigarette again.
    He is the first comedian to become a star through a record album rather than night clubs.
    He had two of the most successful situation comedies on TV - 'Bob Newhart Show' and 'Newhart.'
    The final sequence of 'Newhart' where the entire show was a dream of the 'Bob Newhart Show' is consider one of the five funniest moments on TV, according to TV Guide.
    He loves computers and electronic gadgets.

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