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Hockey Player

The Resume

    (July 17, 1956- )
    Played for New York Islanders (1975-90) and Pittsburgh Penguins (1990-94)
    Served as the assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Penguins (1995-99) and Colorado Avalanche (2000-2002)
    Former New York Rangers Head Coach (2002-03)
    Eight Time All-Star
    Winner of the Calder Trophy (1976), Art Ross Trophy (1978), Hart Trophy (1979) and Conn Smythe Trophy (1980)
    Winner of Seven Stanley Cups as a player and coach
    Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame (1997)

Why he might be annoying:

    He continued playing well after his skills had diminished.
    He once said: 'They would have to cut the blades off my skates to get me to retire.'
    Despite being born in Canada, he chose to play for Team USA during the 1984 Canada Cup.
    He had bitter feelings toward the Islanders' organization for buying out his contract.
    For years he refused to allow the Islanders to retire his jersey number(#19) unless he was paid for it.
    He contemplated suicide after filing for bankruptcy.
    He angered many Islander fans by becoming head coach of the hated New York Rangers.
    His stint as coach of the Rangers was a flop and he was fired halfway through the season.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was involved in the longest streak of playoff series victories (19, 1980-85).
    His coaching ability was highly regarded for his easiness in relating to players of all skill levels.
    In 2001, he allowed the Islanders to finally retire his jersey (and he didn't get paid for it).

Credit: Seaman Duck

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