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James Peake

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The Resume

    (June 8, 1944- )
    Born in St. Louis, Missouri
    United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2007-2009)
    U.S. Army Surgeon General (2000-2004)

Why he might be annoying:

    While shaking hands with a crowd of people on camera, he appeared to snub a black man when he reached his hand out.
    He was applying to medical school while serving in Vietnam.
    The group Veterans for Common Sense spoke out against his nomination because of his lackluster performance as Army Surgeon General.
    His successor in the position of Army Surgeon General was in charge during the Walter Reed scandal.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He won a large number of medals, including a purple heart, for his service in the Vietnam war.
    He was the chief Medical director of QTC Management Inc, a company which provides health services to veterans.
    He yelled at a staffer who did not want to give veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder counseling in order to save money.

Credit: Jack Magic

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