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Lil' Wayne

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The Resume

    (September 27, 1982- )
    Born in New Orleans, Louisiana
    Birth name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
    Recorded 'Lights Out,' 'I Miss My Dawgs,' '500 Degreez,' 'Tha Block Is Hot,' 'Tha Carter,' 'Tha Carter II,' 'Fireman,' 'Grown Man,' 'Don't Trip,' 'I Can't Feel My Face' and 'Hustler Musik'
    Formed the group Bad Ass Grasshoppers (2007)

Why he might be annoying:

    He claims to be the 'best rapper alive.'
    His nickname is Weezy, but he also answers to Weezy F. Baby and Birdman Jr.
    He was arrested for drug possession (August 2006). It included two bottles of prescription drugs made out to someone else.
    He spent a day in jail on fugitive charges for failing to appear in court (October 2007).
    His genre is gangsta rap.
    He began performing at eleven. At 14, he formed the Hot Boys.
    After denying he dated Trina saying it is brother-sister relationship, he admitted they were dating.
    He feuded with Juvenile, B.G. and Jay-Z.
    Because Juvenile put out the song '400 Degreez' he released '500 Degreez.'
    There is a photo of him locking lips with Bryan 'Baby' Williams, which he describes as either a father-son kiss or a black mafia kiss. Juvenile wrote of this 'What kind of nigga kiss a grown man? (a ho).'
    He said 'Fuck everybody who left Cash Money... I ain't got no respect for none of 'em.'
    He was arrested in New York City when a gun was found on his tour bus (July 22, 2007).
    His daughter was born out of wedlock.
    He has a tear tattooed by his eye which is done by Blood gang members after they kill someone.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His reason for failing to appear in court is the warrant was sent to his old New Orleans address. A home that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina.
    He also was told by his then attorney the drug charges were dropped.
    The drug possession charge is also questionable as it was found in a dressing room, used by him and others, but charged to him.
    He unofficially replaced Young Jeezy of Boyz N Da Hood.
    He attended the University of Houston.
    As a child he accidentally shot himself.

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