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Munich, Germany

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The Resume

    (1158- )
    Founded as Munichen by Henry the Lion
    Germany's 3rd largest city
    Population iver 1.25 million
    Located on the river Isar

Why Munich, Germany might be annoying:

    The National Socialist German Worker's Party (The Nazis) was born in Munich!
    Adolf Hitler staged the Beer Hall Putsch to overthrow the Weimar Republic and lost (1923).
    It was a Nazi stronghold until the end of Hitler's Nazi Germany.
    The Munich Agreement of 1938 was signed there.
    Allied bombings smashed it to pieces during WW II.
    It was the site of the 1972 Summer Olympics where Palestinian terrorists murdered Israel's Olympic team.
    It headquarters McDonald's and Microsoft's operations in Germany.

Why Munich, Germany might not be annoying:

    Under American occupation after WW II, the city was rebuilt.
    Georg Elser tried, but failed to kill Hitler in Munich (1939).
    It's a popular tourist site in Germany.
    It is one of Germany's strongest economic centers.
    It is the world's second largest publishing center behind only New York City.

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