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Turner Network Television (TNT)

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The Resume

    (October 3, 1988- )
    Owned by Turner Broadcasting System (TimeWarner)
    Programs include 'NBA on TNT,' 'The Closer,' 'NASCAR on TNT' and 'Saving Grace'

Why Turner Network Television (TNT) might be annoying:

    When it was launched as a movie channel, they began to colorize 'black-and-white films' which angered some fanatics.
    It is an entity owned by Ted Turner.
    Its programming depends mostly on reruns of popular television dramas, notably the 'Law and Order' franchise.
    It shares its name with another name for explosives.

Why Turner Network Television (TNT) might not be annoying:

    They have started to broadcast their own original programming.
    They have gained credibility with the airing of sporting events such as the NBA All Star Game since 2003.
    It gave movie fans Turner Classic Movies, a separate channel for broadcasting classic and recent films.

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