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Leslie Caron

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The Resume

    (July 1, 1931- )
    Discovered by actor/dancer Gene Kelly who got her the lead role opposite him in 'An American in Paris (1951)'
    Also acted in 'Lili (1953),' 'Daddy Long Legs (1955),' 'Gigi (1958),' 'The Subterraneans (1960),' 'The L-Shaped Room (1962),' 'Father Goose (1964),' 'Valentino (1977),' 'Funny Bones (1995),' 'Chocolat (2000)' and 'Le Divorce (2003)'

Why she might be annoying:

    Her nickname is Carly Jane.
    She is thrice divorced.
    She gave her third husband a Rolls Royce for his 30th birthday.
    During filming of 1965's 'Promise Her Anything' she had an affair with Warren Beatty, who was named as a co-respondent in her divorce from her third husband (he kept the Rolls).
    In 1954 and 1964 she was nominated for an Oscar for 'Best Actress in a Leading Role,' losing both times.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is bilingual (English and French).
    At age 16, she was chosen to dance at the famed Ballet de Champs Elysees.
    She won a Golden Globe Award as 'Best Motion Picture Actress in a Drama' for her role in 'The L-Shaped Room.'
    She bought and helped renovate a 13th century stone building in France, turning it into a successful restaurant/inn.
    Her other hobbies include painting, writing, and interior decorating.
    Asked if her ballet background helped her with dancing roles in movies, she replied: 'I'm not a ballerina. I'm a hoofer.'

Credit: Scar Tactics

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