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San Jose Sharks

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The Resume

    (1991- )
    Located in San Jose, California
    Play in HP Pavilion
    No Stanley Cup Championships
    No retired numbers

Why they might be annoying:

    Does San Jose, California really need a hockey team?
    San Jose was granted an NHL franchise after George and Gordon Gund, former owners of the Minnesota North Stars (now known as the Dallas Stars), sold off the rights to the North Stars but wanted to stay involved in hockey.
    They were forced to play their first two seasons in the Cow Palace (located in Daly City, Cali) because they didn't have a home in San Jose.
    They lost their first game 4-3 against the Vancouver Canucks.
    Their first hat trick in team history (by Rob Gaudreau) came in a 7-5 loss.
    They ended their first season by going 17-58-5.
    They fired their General Manager, Jack Ferreira, after their first season.
    They ended the 1992-93 season with an 11-72-2 record.
    Their inception as a team can be attributed to the expansion-crazy movement of the 1990's.
    Despite having marquee players like Owen Nolan, Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton on the roster, their teams were notorious for being good in the regular season and crapping out during the playoffs.
    They blew a 3-0 series lead in the first round to the cross-state rival Los Angeles Kings, who would go on to win the Stanley Cup (2014).
    It took the franchise 25 years to make their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance (2016).

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their team somehow owes their existence to the Cleveland Barons. The Baron's ownership ended their merger with the Minnesota North Stars to form them.
    George and Gordon were allowed to take some players from the North Stars organization for their San Jose club.
    Coach Kevin Constatine brought a 'defense first' style of play when hired in 1993.
    As the 8th seed in the 1994 hockey playoffs, they beat the 1st seed Detroit Red Wings, which was also their first post season playoff appearance.
    They were the first NHL team to have a website, which was launched on March 17, 1995.

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