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Charles Rangel

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U.S. Congressman

The Resume

    (June 11, 1930- )
    Served in the Army (1948-1952)
    Received a BS from NYU (1957) and a law degree from St. John's University (1960)
    Elected to the New York Assembly (1967)
    Defeated Adam Powell for 15th Congressional District (Harlem) seat in the House (1971)

Why he might be annoying:

    His name is real close to 'Charlie's Angels.'
    He said that US forces acted illegally in killing Odai and Qusay Hussein.
    He looks like Al Sharpton.
    He proposed a return to the military draft. When his bill came up for vote, he voted against his own bill.
    His justification for this legislation was that every American should bear the risk of being killed equally.
    He claimed that the US military was too small but voted against expansion of the professional force.
    He is a high school dropout.
    According to his beliefs, the United Nations was capable of handling the Iraq situation despite its decade-long failure to enforce its own resolutions.
    He opposes oil drilling in Alaska even though it would affect only a tiny fraction of the land there.
    He voted against extra patrols to secure the US-Mexico border.
    He has voted against virtually all tax reductions in the past 10 years.
    He supports affirmative action because it gets him tons of votes.
    There are conflicting reports about his opposition to or support of drug legalization.
    He was censured by the House of Representatives (December 2, 2010).

Why he might not be annoying:

    Despite dropping out of high school, he managed to get a law degree.
    Very few legislators backed his draft proposal and it went nowhere.
    He served in the Army for 4 years.
    He supports increased security for commercial airliners.
    He makes decent crayon art (

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