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The Resume

    (June 25, 1788- )
    10th state to join
    Eighth of eleven states to secede and join the Confederacy
    Seceded: April 17, 1861
    Readmitted: January 26, 1870
    Jamestown was the first permanent English colony in America (1607)
    Nickname: Old Dominion
    Capital: Richmond
    Size: 40,817 square miles (ranks 36th)
    Motto: Thus Ever To Tyrants
    Bird: Cardinal
    Flower: American Dogwood
    Tree: American Dogwood
    Song: Carry Me Back To Old Virginia

Why Virginia might be annoying:

    The most western part of Virginia is west of the most western part of West Virginia.
    Their colonial economy was based on tobacco.
    They were the first to import African-American slaves (1619).
    Sir Walter Raleigh sent the first tobacco to England (July 27, 1586).
    Fire destroyed Jamestown, Virginia (January 7, 1608).
    It enacted the first American temperance law in America (March 5, 1623).
    It left the U.S. and joined the confederacy.
    An explosion in coal mine Boissevain killed 38 (February 27, 1932).
    They had an American Basketball Association team named the Virginia Squires.
    Temperatures range from -30ºF (-34ºC) (January 22, 1985) to 110ºF (43ºC) (July 15, 1954).

Why Virginia might not be annoying:

    The House of Burgesses was the first representative assembly in America.
    The TV series 'Waltons,' 'Lieutenant,' 'Major Dad' and 'Rituals' were set in Virginia.
    American patriots such as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson came from Virginia.
    Virginia passed the Stamp Act resolutions of 1765 and began a boycott of British goods in 1769.
    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Nat Turner, Richard E Byrd, Joseph Cotten, Wayne Newton and Juice Newton were born in Virginia.
    Virginia accepted the Bill of Rights and thus it was ratified (December 15, 1791).
    Nat Turner led the uprising of slaves in Virginia (August 13, 1831).
    J Ferguson discovered asteroid #50 and named it Virginia (October 4, 1857).
    Douglas Wilder was elected the first US African-American governor (November 8, 1989).
    It is where the first elected US African-American governor was inaugurated (Douglas Wilder-Virginia - January 13, 1990).

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