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Jason Hanson

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Football Player

The Resume

    (June 17, 1970- )
    Born in Spokane, Washington
    Drafted 56th overall by the Detroit Lions in the 1992 NFL Draft
    Place kicker for the Detroit Lions (1992- )

Why he might be annoying:

    He looks a lot older then he actually is.
    He spent the majority of his career on dreadful Lions teams.
    His nickname is 'Thunderfoot.'
    Like many of the athletes of the major professional sports leagues, he enjoys golfing.

Why he might not be annoying:

    As of 2009, he is the longest tenured active player to spend his entire NFL career with the same team.
    He persevered through the team's mediocre seasons and more recently, 'The Millen Years.'
    Following the Lions 0-16 season, he elected to bypass free agency and remain with the team.
    He is the second place kicker used by the Lions in over 20 years.
    He was the lone bright spot for the Lions during the team's infamous 0-16 season.

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