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    (October 17, 1990- )
    Online database featuring information on people and things related to television, film, video games, and other electronic media and entertainment
    Created by Col Needham
    Owned by

Why Internet Movie Database (IMDb) might be annoying:

    The founding ideas of the database began with a posting titled 'Those Eyes.' on the subject of actresses with beautiful eyes.
    Their rating system of how good or bad a movie was is often confusing and complicated.
    Some claim that the rating system is biased toward certain films.
    Like Wikipedia, the site is prone to vandalism and hacking due to the fact that anyone can become an editor.
    Some people profiled on the site have contradicting birth years compared to other sites.

Why Internet Movie Database (IMDb) might not be annoying:

    The site existed long before internet was made available for public use.
    The site is one of the most exhaustive and comprehensive sources of information related to pop culture and media.
    You could verify information such as 'Did this particular person appear here?'
    It has a sister website called Box Office Mojo dedicated to information related to measuring box office grosses for films.
    The site provides profile writers resources and information.

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