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Adults Who Probably Died a Virgin

Alleged Hermaphrodites


Bad Tippers [Some Alleged]


Celebrity Winery Owners

Country Bumpkins

Dude Wears Colored Nail Polish

Dude Wears Eyeliner

Girlie Girls

I Pissed Off Feminists

I Pissed Off PeTA

I Pissed Off Scientologists

I was a Boy Scout

I Was a Campfire Girl

I was a Girl Scout

I Was a Member of 4-H

I Was an Eagle Scout

I Was Homecoming Queen

I'm a Valley Dude

I'm a Valley Girl

J. Walter Thompson's Top 10 Ubersexuals [September 2005]

Members or the Mile High Club

Men Destroyed by Women

Men in Dresses


Model Railroaders

Nerds and Nebbishes

Playboy's 55 Most Important People in Sex [January 2009]


The Advocate's 25 Coolest Straight People [1998]




Women in Neckties

Women Pretending to be Men Pretending to be Women


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