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South America

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The Resume

    6,879,000 square miles
    Population is about that of the United States and Canada
    Home to the Rain Forest, Amazon River and the Andes Mountains
    Almost entirely explored and settled by Spaniards
    Portuguese settled Brazil
    São Paulo, Brazil is the most populous city
    135 million years ago South America and Africa were joined at Brazil-Gabon

Why South America might be annoying:

    Jivaro Native Americans practiced head shrinking.
    There are many earthquakes and inactive volcanoes in South America.
    Francisco Pizarro conquered and destroyed the Inca Civilization in Peru (1531-35)
    Many South American countries were dominated by military dictatorships.
    The Rain forest has suffer huge deforestation until the 1990's.
    There is huge illegal drug trade, especially with cocaine in Peru and Colombia.
    Many countries have huge class differences from great poverty to super rich.

Why South America might not be annoying:

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