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The Resume

    (1981- )
    Formed in Los Angeles, California
    Formed by Denmark born drummer, Lars Urlich
    Released the albums 'Kill 'Em All,' 'Ride the Lightning,' 'Master of Puppets,' '...And Justice For All,' 'Metallica (Black Album),' 'Load' and 'Reload'
    Original band included David Mustain of Megadeath
    Multi-Grammy winners
    Headlined Lollapalooza '96
    Performed at Woodstock '99
    Wrote the song 'Enter Sandman' for the comic book hero 'Sandman'
    Won an American Music Favorite Heavy Metal Artist Award (1997)
    The performed the 'Multimillion Decibel March' in Philadelphia

Why they might be annoying:

    Ulrich's friend came up with the name 'Metallica' for a magazine, Ulrich said it was not a good name, and then stole it.
    They sued Electra Records, seeking release from their recording contract.
    They sued Victoria's Secret for using their trademark name, 'Metallica' for a shade of lipstick (2000).
    They tried to throw their fans off of Napster for downloading their music.
    They filed a copyright infringement and racketeering lawsuit against Napster, Yale University, the University of Southern California, and Indiana University (2000).
    People who downloaded Metallica's music off Napster were banned from using Napster again.
    They were pissed at Howard Stern who dress as Fartman presented them with a MTV Award. They didn't like him stealing their thunder (1992). They are now friends.
    The drummer Lars stole Matt Damon's girlfriend Skylar.
    The group was arrested for being drunk and vandalizing a movie theater.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They are one of the most influential band of modern rock.
    They were involved in an accident in Sweden (1986), where their tour bus overturned, killing a band member (Cliff Burton).
    Ozzy Osbourne was the last act that they opened for.
    They try not to rip off their fans and expect the same courtesy (since they are one of the few artists that have ownership of their own music).
    Frontman James Hetfield walked into a pyrotechnic during a show, lit his arm on fire and boiled his skin.

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