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    (August 1, 1876- )
    38th state to join
    Francisco de Coronado explored Colorado for Spain (1541)
    Nickname: Centennial State
    Capital: Denver
    Size: 104,247 square miles (ranks 8th)
    Motto: Nothing Without God
    Bird: Lark Bunting
    Flower: Blue And White Columbine
    Tree: Blue Spruce
    Song: Where The Columbines Grow

Why Colorado might be annoying:

    Temperatures range from -61ºF (-52ºC) (February 1, 1985) to 118ºF (48ºC) (July 11, 1888).
    It has snowed in June (June 1, 1992).
    The lowest temperature ever recorded in May in the contiguous US was -10ºF at Climax (May 14, 1896).
    Floods caused a train to derail on a bridge in Eden, 96 died (August 7, 1904).
    Soldiers killed thirty-three during a mine strike in Ludlow (April 20, 1914).
    It is home to the unsolved murder case of Jon Benet Ramsey, Colorado child beauty queen who was murdered at six (December 25, 1996).
    Colorado militia killed 150 peaceful Cheyenne Native Americans (November 29, 1864). They then offered Cheyennes & Arapaho's a peaces treaty and chased them out of Colorado (October 14, 1865).
    Many of Ted Bundy's victims disappeared in Colorado.
    Mass murderer Ted Bundy escaped from jail in Colorado (December 31, 1977).
    It is the most mountainous state.
    The worse school massascre in U.S. history happeded at Columbine High School in Littleton (April 20, 1999).
    Home to Coors Brewery.

Why Colorado might not be annoying:

    Pueblo Native Americans lived there before the time of Christ.
    The Unsinkable Molly Brown of Titanic fame lived in Denver.
    The US mint is in Denver, National Bureau of Standard Time Signal WWV is located in Boulder, and the US Air Force Academy is at Colorado Springs.
    NORAD is hidden deep within the mountains of Colorado.
    It is the home of Pikes Peak, discovered by Zebulon Pike (November 15, 1806).
    Junior Achievement incorporated in Colorado Springs Colo (1921).
    Boxer Jack Dempsey was born in Colorado.
    Actresses JoAnna Cameron, Sherry Stringfield, Sheryl Lee and actors Douglas Fairbanks and Michael Boatman were born in Colorado.
    The Transcontinental Railway was completed in Colorado (August 15, 1870).
    Katharine Lee Bates wrote 'America the Beautiful' in Colorado (July 22, 1893).
    Colorado accepted female suffrage (November 7, 1893).
    KOA-TV Denver was first to televised a human birth to the public (December 2, 1952).
    The first all-female pro baseball team, the Colorado Silver Bullets formed here (1994).
    Coors beer is headquartered in Colorado.
    They have an NBA basketball team named the Denver Nuggets (1967- ).
    They have an NFL football team named the Denver Broncos (1960- ), who won 2 Super Bowls (1997-98).
    They have an NHL hockey team named the Colorado Avalanche (1996- ), formerly the Quebec Nordiques, who Won 2 Stanley Cups.
    They had an NHL hockey team named the Denver Rockies (1976-82) Originally the Kansas City Scout, currently the New Jersey Devils.
    They have a Major League baseball team named the Colorado Rockies (1993- ).
    TV shows 'Mork & Mindy,' 'Dynasty,' 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,' 'Everwood,' 'Stargate SG-1,' 'South Park' and 'Doc Elliot' were set in Colorado

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