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The Resume

    (October 31, 1864- )
    36th state to join
    Francisco Garces may have been the first white man to enter Nevada (1775)
    Mormons built up the area in the 1850's
    US gambling capital, Las Vegas Nevada founded (May 15, 1905).
    Nickname: Silver State
    Capital: Carson City
    Size: 110,540 square miles (ranks 7th)
    Motto: All For Our Country
    Bird: Mountain Bluebird
    Flower: Sagebrush
    Tree: Singleleaf Pinon
    Song: Home Means Nevada

Why Nevada might be annoying:

    Las Vegas is nicknamed Sin City.
    It is famed for legalized prostitution, gambling, quickie marriages and quickie divorces.
    There are more churches per person in Las Vegas than any other city.
    They had an XFL football team named the Las Vegas Outlaws.
    Nevada was allowed to became a state even though they had only 1/6th the required residents (1864). It was believed it was done so to get three more electoral votes for President Lincoln.
    Temperatures range from -50ºF (January 8, 1937) to 122ºF (June 23, 1954).
    US and UK performed well over a hundred nuclear tests at a Nevada Test Site since 1951.
    Nevada Athletic Commission suspended Mike Tyson for biting Evander Holyfield (July 1, 1997).

Why Nevada might not be annoying:

    Silver was discovered in Nevada and miners moved in (1859).
    The TV series 'Vega$,' 'Bonanza,' 'She's the Sheriff,' 'Harts of the West' and 'McShane' were set in Nevada.
    Pat Nixon, wife of President Nixon was born in Nevada.
    The first old age pension plans in the US was established by Montana & Nevada (March 5, 1923).
    Nevada became the first US state to regulate narcotics (March 10, 1933).
    Howard Hughes, the one-time richest man in the U.S., lived in Nevada.

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