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Lewis Black

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The Resume

    (August 30, 1948- )
    Best known for his 'Back in Black' segments on 'The Daily Show'
    Has done numerous specials for Comedy Central
    Was a regular on Opie and Anthony
    Guest on TV Series 'Law & Order,' 'Mad About You,' 'Murphy Brown' and 'The Life and Times of Molly Dodd'
    Recorded comedy albums 'The White Album,' 'The End of the Universe' and 'Rules of Enragement'

Why he might be annoying:

    His comedic routine is revolved around being angry and frustrated.
    He had a failed pilot for sitcom on FOX starring himself.
    He was arrested in 2000 for being on the Voyeur Bus going through Manhattan with members of the Opie and Anthony crew.
    He became a comedian fairly late in his life.
    Even in his 50s, he still wears leather jackets while performing.
    In 2001, he gave commentary to an article in the Health section of USA Today about Sexually Transmitted Infections.
    His first marriage lasted just eight months.
    He used LSD.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is an accomplished playwright and has written over 40 plays.
    He speaks about offbeat and everyday topics in his stand up shows.
    Unlike Denis Leary, he brings a more compassionate side to his act by pointing out his own faults and fears.
    He had his comedy albums published on an indie label.
    Despite his somewhat cranky personality on stage, he is very gracious with fans.

Credit: Eric Hartman

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