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Bill de Blasio

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The Resume

    (May 8, 1961- )
    Born in New York City, New York
    Birth name is Warren Wilhelm, Jr.
    Mayor of New York City (January 1, 2014- )
    Served as New York City Public Advocate (2010-13) and on New York City's City Council (2002-09)

Why he might be annoying

    He was arrested for protesting the closing of Long Island College Hospital.
    Critics of his economic viewpoints worried he'd bring Occupy Wall Street mentality to the mayor's office.
    Hillary Clinton reportedly viewed him as 'weak and indecisive', so he was axed as her Senatorial campaign manager (2000).
    Al Roker was so angry with him for refusing to close schools during a winter snowstorm, he Tweeted de Blasio would be a one term mayor.
    He gained pop culture attention because his wife used to be a lesbian during the 1970s.
    Less than two months after taking office, he raised eyebrows by checking in on the arrest of political ally.
    He was criticized for supporting Nicaragua's (allegedly Communist) Sandinista National Liberation Front.

Why he might not be annoying

    He earned his Master's at Columbia University and did his undergrad work at NYU.
    He was a vocal critic of Citizens United.
    He proudly championed early childhood education, after school programs and tenant's rights.
    He vowed to stand up for New York City's middle class, working class, and poor.
    He supports equal rights for gays.
    He speaks Italian fluently.

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