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Erika Casupanan

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TV Reality Show Contestant

The Resume

    Born in Hermosa, Bataan, Philippines
    Resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Contestant on Survivor 41
    Initially part of the Luvu Tribe
    Communications professional

Why she might be annoying:

    She loves following pop culture.
    Like Purple Kelly, she dyes her hair that color.
    While on Exile Island, she had the ability to ‘time travel’ by changing the outcome of the previous challenge, and she used that ability, screwing a lot of other players' games in the process.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was forced to spend two days in exile on Survivor, just by pure chance.
    She and Naseer drew the odd-colored rocks, forcing them to sit out the Day 12 immunity challenge; then the winning team selected Naseer to enjoy a reward with them while sending Erika to Exile.
    Jeff visited her while on Exile Island, and he gave her an hourglass which could reverse the outcome of the Day 12 challenge if she would only smash it with a hammer.
    She gave the winners of that challenge some karma, as she smashed the hourglass, giving herself and the five challenge losers immunity while forcing the original winners (and Naseer) to compete for immunity again.
    If there is ever a Survivor season called 'Game Changers, Part II,' she would be a lock for it, given what she did to that hourglass.
    She is the first Canadian resident on the show (Tom Laidlaw lived in Connecticut at the time he was cast), and the first Canadian Winner overall (Todd Herzog lived in Utah when he was put on the show, plus he's only Canadian by blood).
    At 5’ even, she is the shortest Winner since Denise.
    She became the first female Sole Survivor in seven seasons.

Credit: Gregg

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