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Joe Wilson (Congressman)

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U.S. Congressman

The Resume

    (July 31, 1947- )
    Born in Charleston, South Carolina
    Republican Representative from South Carolina's Second Congressional District (December 18, 2001- )
    Made headlines after yelling 'You Lie' at Barack Obama during Obama's Congressional address concerning health care reform (September 9, 2009)
    Yelled 'you lie' when President Obama said government funds would not be used to provide health care for illegal immigrants (the White House website clearly stated there would be no funding to provide health care for illegal immigrants)

Why he might be annoying:

    He had no problem calling Barack Obama a liar, but didn't seem to have an issue with the lies told to Congress by George W. Bush.
    For somebody who served in the military for three decades, he showed great disrespect toward the Commander-In-Chief.
    He said Essie Mae Washington-Williams tarnished Strom Thurmond's legacy by announcing she was his daughter.
    Apparently, he thinks having a mixed-race child is more tarnishing than supporting racial segregation for several decades.
    He voted against a measure which would've prohibited job (hiring) discrimination based on sexual orientation (2007).
    Congressman Jim Clyburn said he had a long history of being combative on the House floor.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He served in the military for 31 years, including as a colonel for South Carolina's National Guard.
    He earned a law degree from the University of South Carolina.
    He immediately apologized to President Obama for his immature and juvenile outburst.
    He's known for giving short speeches on the House floor.
    For those who oppose same sex marriage and equal protection under the law for gays, he's a real stand up guy.
    He proved that left-wing radicals like Code Pink, PeTA and 9/11 conspiracy theorists aren't the only ones who can be obnoxiously loud and disruptive.

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