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The Resume

    (October 12, 1943- )
    Short for American Broadcasting Company
    Owned by the Walt Disney Corporation
    Shows include 'The Practice,' '8 Simple Rules,' 'Alias,' 'NYPD Blue,' 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Happy Days,' and 'The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet'
    Late night shows hosted by Ted Koppel ('Nightline') and Jimmy Kimmel
    News anchored by Peter Jennings
    Nicknamed 'The Alphabet Network'
    Flagship station is WABC-7 in New York City
    First #1 show was Marcus Welby
    First #1 season 1976-77

Why ABC (TV Network) might be annoying:

    It exists only because NBC split into two separate companies. One of them became ABC.
    It is become a tool for Disney propaganda.
    For some reason, it gave the go-ahead for Dennis Franz to show his fat bare behind on NYPD Blue.
    It milked 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' causing the show to have a short shelf life.
    It had the TGIF block that featured the inane sitcoms Full House and Family Matters.
    It had a Canadian, Peter Jennings, anchoring its nightly newscast.
    When it unsuccessfully tried to hire David Letterman from CBS, it made Nightline host Ted Koppel unhappy.
    It rejected 'All in the Family' because it didn't want to offend conservatives. That show and its spin-offs became huge for CBS.
    This resume may probably confuse our Aussie readers, since ABC can also stand for Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
    It has, for the most part in its history, been overshadowed by NBC and CBS.

Why ABC (TV Network) might not be annoying:

    It has made Monday Night Football a huge part of sports culture.
    It was the first network to have a woman co-anchor its newscast (Barbara Walters, 1976).
    It broadcasted the highest rated mini-series of all time, 'Roots.'
    It gave us 'Charlie's Angels' and was known at one time for its 'T&A' programming.
    It was the first network to make a billion dollars in revenues in a year.
    Credit: Hoxy
    Slogans - (Thanks to Wikipedia):
    1963 - The New ABC
    1966 - 7 Nights To Remember
    1970 - Let's Get Together
    1971 - This is the Place to Be
    1974 - What you see on ABC today, you'll be talking about tomorrow
    1975 - Welcome to the Bright New World of ABC
    1976 - Let Us Be the One
    1977-80 - Still The One
    1978 - We're the One (in a Million)
    1980 - You and Me and ABC
    1981 - Now is the time, ABC is the place
    1982 - Come on Along with ABC
    1983 - That Special Feeling
    1984 - We're with You
    1985 - You'll Love It!
    1986 - Together on ABC
    1987-89 - Something's Happening on ABC
    1990 - America's Watching ABC
    1992 - It Must Be ABC
    1993 - Watched by more Americans than any other network
    1994 - The American Broadcasting Company
    1996 - This is your TV, ABC
    1997 - TV is Good
    1998 - We Love TV
    1999-2004 - America's Broadcasting Company
    2000 - America's #1 Broadcasting Company
    2001 - America's Favorite Network
    2003 - Celebrating 50 Years on Television
    2003 - Welcome to the New ABC
    2004 - Only Americans
    2005 - Only on ABC

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