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Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

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Why she might be annoying:

Why she might not be annoying:

    She graduated Ratcliffe, Harvard and the Columbia Law.
    She avoids the publicity of being a Kennedy and is able to walk around New York anonymously.
    She is left handed.
    She has many projects for the public good without stepping into politics.
    She actually attends board meetings with thoughtful ideas, on groups that would have settled for just her name on the letterhead (American Ballet Theatre Honorary chairperson and the Citizens Committee for New York City).
    She is acutely aware of her name's star power and will only invoke it to help a cause, rather than self promotion.
    CNN reported 'Caroline is known for her intense preparation and affinity for discussion.'
    She is known for sending out personally handwritten thank you notes and personally phoning those who have helped promote her causes.
    She gave a speech at the U.N. that implored the U.S. Senate to ratify an international treaty on children's rights.

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