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Max Hardcore

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Adult Actor

The Resume

    (August 10, 1956-March 27, 2023)
    Birth name was Paul Little
    Raised in Wisconsin
    Made over 300 movies, including 'The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore,' 'Cherry Poppers,' 'The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Suzy Superslut,' 'Max Hardcore 10: High Voltage' and 'Chicks for Fee'

Why he might be annoying:

    He is porn's leading sodomist, misogynist and sadistic performer.
    He sometimes uses the name Max Steiner.
    He is a nasty drunk, particularly to women.
    He turned sex into a contact sport, putting some women in the hospital with internal bleeding.
    He caused Pamela Dee to suffer vaginal hemorrhaging, by slamming his fist into her vagina. She needed emergency room treatment (1992).
    Nina Hartley said novice female performers go to his shoots, not knowing of his abuse.
    Adult actress Anna Malle refuses to work with him.
    Adult actress Nici Sterling labeled him an asshole and psychopath.
    One of his cameramen said that about half of the women he had sex with cried, bled or vomited.
    He denies a rumour that he threw his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.
    He squeezes women's throats while they fellate him.
    He rarely has vaginal sex or shows the breasts of his actresses.
    His mark in pornography started the trend of more anal scenes, more humiliation of women and no goofy plots.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He said 'I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I'm on top, I'm number one.'
    He is the fifth of six siblings of a working class Catholic couple.
    His mom Peggy, said 'I'm not happy about what he does. I don't like that sort of thing. But I love my son.'
    He still attends church.
    Instead of using young girls in his 'Cherry Poppers' series, he got adult female actresses to dress that way (1992).
    Adult actor, Bill Margold, said 'He keeps porn in the gutter where it belongs. Max Hardcore eats, drinks, and thinks sex and pours it right back out through his camera lens.'
    He said 'I don't hate women. I hate stuck-up bitches. I want to make hard-core movies. I'm not a censor, I'm a filmmaker and I take it seriously.'
    He enjoys shocking the viewer.
    He ranked #28 in The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time (AVN - January 2002).

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