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Zac Brown Band

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The Resume

    (2000- )
    Born in Atlanta, Georgia
    Zac Brown - vocals/guitar
    Jimmy De Martini - fiddle
    John Driskell Hopkins - bass
    Coy Bowles - guitar/keyboards
    Chris Fryar - drums
    Clay Cook - guitar/keyboards/ mandolin/steel guitar
    Recorded 'Toes,' 'Chicken Fried,' 'Free,' 'Highway 20 Ride' and 'Whatever It Is'
    Recorded the album 'The Foundation'

Why Zac Brown Band might be annoying:

    Their songs are formulaic.
    They were one of the artists who recorded the pointless 2010 'We Are the World' remake.
    Their hits get overplayed on the radio.
    They have been compared to Jimmy Buffett.
    'Chicken Fried' is basically every country music cliche' rolled into one song.
    They have opened for the Dave Matthews Band.

Why Zac Brown Band might not be annoying:

    Their album 'The Foundation' was an unexpectedly huge success in 2009.
    Their songs became hits on both country and mainstream radio.
    They won a Grammy for 'Best New Artist' (2010).
    They worked hard and toured relentlessly before hitting it big.
    Although a country band, many their songs have a rock edge to them. called them the 'new Alabama.'

Credit: Diplomat

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