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Why they might be annoying:

    Their June 12, 1967 game against the Chicago White Sox, which went 22 innings and lasted 6 hours and 38 minutes, caused the league to adopt a curfew stating that no inning may start after 1:00 am.
    Arlington Stadium was supposed to be called Turnpike Stadium.
    They traded away Sammy Sosa.
    Although having, arguably, the best all-around baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, they have yet to win a playoff series.
    They made their playoff debut after being a sports franchise for 34 years.

Why they might not be annoying:

    John F. Kennedy threw out their first ever pitch.
    They used to play in R.F.K. Stadium.
    Ted Williams was named the manager of the Senators (1969).
    Nolan Ryan played a good part of his career with the Rangers.
    In 1989, George W. Bush, along with Edward W. Rose, purchased the team.
    Nolan Ryan became the first pitcher to reach 5,000 career strikeouts in a Rangers uniform.
    Kenny Rogers threw a perfect game in a Rangers uniform.
    Players like Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzales and Rafael Palmeiro enjoy playing there and do not want to leave.

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