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Georges Laraque

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Hockey Player

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He became a vegan out of protest towards the meat industry.
    Despite agreeing to take a pay cut in order to sign a contract extension, he balked when the team refused to give him a no-trade clause and left as an unrestricted free agent.
    He pissed off women's rights groups after he made a commercial for an energy drink, which featured him playing road hockey with scantily clad women.
    Hockey pundits felt that despite his slow skating skills, he should not have been a second round pick.
    He was suspended indefinitely by the Canadiens (January, 2010).
    It is widely speculated he was suspended as a result of his refusal to fight middleweight enforcers.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was considered a power forward in junior hockey, which was a contributing factor in his selection.
    He played in two Stanley Cup Finals (2006, 2008).
    He was one of few players who was extremely loyal towards the city of Edmonton, making it his year-round home.
    He donates most of his time towards charitable endeavors, and is widely considered one of the NHL's 'good guys.'
    He played in the NHL's first two outdoor regular season games (2003, 2008).

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