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Why I Love Lucy might be annoying:

    Story premises were usually the same. Lucy schemes to break into show business against her husband's wishes.
    It is pretentiously named, as if everyone loves Lucille Ball.
    It was sponsored largely by Phillip Morris cigarettes and often glamorized smoking.
    The show would not allow Lucy to say she was pregnant on the air, and used the euphemism 'expectant' instead.
    It was filmed in Hollywood rather than where most shows were filmed at that time, New York.
    It was created after Lucille Ball had a dream where Carole Lombard came to her and said she should give a television series a try.
    People collect everything to do with the series, including a TV Guide with Little Ricky on the cover which is priced at $1,000.
    Phillip Morris would not let the word lucky be used during the series so people would not think of their rival, 'Lucky Strikes.'
    It pioneered the use of a new baby as a way to gain ratings.

Why I Love Lucy might not be annoying:

    It has been in syndication since it went off the air.
    It pioneered the use of three cameras for filming episodes.
    The show was filmed on high-quality prints which preserved it for later audiences.
    It was the first show ever to show a pregnant woman.
    William Frawley and Vivian Vance used their infamous backstage feuds with each other to fuel the real tension between their characters on the show.
    It is synonymous with classic television.
    When the Philadelphia Bulletin advertised its TV Digest in its competition the Philadelphia Inquirer, the idea of TV Guide was born. That Ad featured Desi and Lucy on the TV Digest cover (November 1952).
    The show graced the first cover of TV Guide, with a picture of Desi Arnaz, Jr. (April 1953).
    The show spun off the company DesiLu which produced 'Star Trek.'
    It probably spawned the title 'Everybody Loves Raymond.'

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