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Shawn Southwick (King)

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TV Personality

The Resume

Why she might be annoying:

    She appeared on Full House.
    She has been accused of being a gold digger.
    She likely benefited from familial connections in entering show business (her mother was a Ray Conniff singer and her father was a vice president at Capitol Records who managed Marie Osmond).
    She is confirmed to have cheated on King multiple times, including with their son's baseball coach.
    She and Larry King filed for divorce twice - in 2010 and 2019 - but they reconciled both times.
    King filed for divorce a third time in 2020, but died before the divorce proceedings were complete, making her his widow by default.
    Larry King cut her out of his will after his last filing and she contested it after his death (she was allegedly making moves that would've put their sons' inheritance in jeopardy).

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her son Danny became an American football quarterback in the National Arena League.
    She did that raunchy Rodney Dangerfield animated movie ‘Rover Dangerfield’ - as the voice of Connie, Rover’s (admittedly, kinda hot) owner.
    Her marriage ceremony to Larry King was held in his hospital room (it was just days before he was scheduled to undergo surgery to clear a blocked blood vessel).
    She entered rehab in 2008 for an addiction to painkillers.
    She nearly died after being found unconscious following an overdose.
    She claimed that though she and her husband were estranged, they became closer during the Covid-19 pandemic before he died.

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