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Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace

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Martial Artist

The Resume

    (December 1, 1945- )
    Born in Portland, Indiana
    Professional Karate Association middleweight champion for fifteen years
    Known for his high, fast, and flashy kicks
    Retired undefeated with a record of 23-0
    BS in Education from Ball State University and a MS in Kinesiology from Memphis State University
    Books include; 'Karate: Basic Concepts & Skills,' 'Dynamic Kicking & Stretching,' and 'The Ultimate Kick'
    Owns his own chain of karate schools

Why he might be annoying:

    He doesn't have an ego problem. He in fact has a superbly working ego.
    He sticks the term 'super' on everything, not just his foot. Articles on his website are 'super articles.'
    He found John Belushi's dead body while supposedly working as his bodyguard.
    He lost a testicle to an accidental kick to the groin during a full contact match.
    He looked like John McCain.
    His dazzling kicks are of little use either in PKA matches or street fights and he scored most of his PKA knockouts with punches.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Sixty five years old or not, he can still kick your ass.
    At five foot ten and 165 pounds he's not a big guy. But he can still kick your ass.
    He wrestled in high school.
    He teaches martial arts and fitness classes at his alma mater, Memphis State University.
    He did some fairly decent movies like; 'A Force of One,' 'Kill Point,' and 'A Prayer for the Dying.'
    Just in case you think you are some kind of tough guy, weightlifting street fighter and would kick his old, skinny, movie actor, sissy karate fighter butt. Go ahead, he will kick your ass.

Credit: tom_jeffords

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