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Trailer Park Boys

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TV Series

The Resume

    (April 22, 2001-December 2007)
    Airs on Showcase (Canada)
    John-Paul Tremblay as Julian
    Robb Wells as Ricky
    Mike Smith as Bubbles
    John Dunsworth as Mr. Lahey
    Patrick Roach as Randy
    Jonathan Torrens as J-Roc
    Lucy Decoutere as Lucy
    Sarah Dunsworth as Sarah
    Cory Bowles as Cory
    Mike Jackson as Trevor
    Tyrone Parsons as Tyrone
    Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart as Trinity
    Created by Mike Clattenburg
    Premise: A mockumentary following the life of two ex-cons

Why Trailer Park Boys might be annoying:

    They stereotype white trailer trash.
    Julian always holds a never empty glass of rum & coke.
    Every time Ricky sees Trevor he says 'Smokes, let's go.'
    The residents live in different trailers, for each episode.
    Jonathan Torrens' character is based on Eminem.
    Bubbles has way too many cats.
    There is a strong pro drug message.
    They have a nine year old addicted to smoking.
    Four characters use their real life names.
    Each episode features illegal activities.
    Julian goes to jail at the end of every season.
    Randy never wears a shirt.
    They use a lot of profanity.

Why Trailer Park Boys might not be annoying:

    They block out brand names.
    They have a huge cult following in Canada.
    Canadian born musicians Alex Lifeson and Rita MacNeill made cameo appearances.
    After the joke ran its course, they dropped Bubbles obsession with shopping carts.
    Mr. Lahey and Randy came out of the closet, and are a couple.
    Researched by Ryan

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