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Ariana Grande

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The Resume

    (June 26, 1993- )
    Born in Boca Raton, Florida
    Portrayed Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's 'Victorious' and 'Sam & Cat'
    Recorded the songs 'Problem,' 'Break Free,' 'Love Me Harder,' 'One Last Time,' 'The Way' and 'Baby I'

Why she might be annoying

    She dyed her hair an unnatural shade of red.
    Rumors persisted of a feud with 'Victorious' co-star, Victoria Justice.
    She never mentioned Justice by name, but stated a co-star told her '(I'll) never like (you).'
    Her first time singing publicly? Karaoke on a cruiseship when she was eight.
    She believes in ghosts.
    Outrage ensued after TMZ posted a video of her licking a donut at a donut store while an employee's back was turned, and later, saying she 'hated' America and Americans when the employee brought out a tray of large donuts (July 2015).

Why she might not be annoying

    Vocally, she drew comparisons to a young Mariah Carey.
    She supports several charitable causes.
    She performed on Broadway before she landed her role on 'Victorious.'
    One of her style inspirations is Audrey Hepburn .
    Regardless of some co-star not liking her, interviewers desccribe her as sweet, friendly and pleasant.
    She apologized for her 'I hate America' comment, stating she was extremely proud to be American, and the comment was made in jest, related to unhealthy eating habits of Americans and the high childhood obesity rate.

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