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Edmonton Deacons

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Sports Team

The Resume

    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Member of the Edmonton City Hockey League (1911-15), Big 4 Hockey League (1919-21), Western Canada Hockey League (1921-26) and the Prairie Hockey League (1926-27)
    Known as the Edmonton Eskimos (1912-27)

Why Edmonton Deacons might be annoying:

    They were founded as the Deacons, due to the fact they were founded by local sports promoter Deacon White.
    They were another Edmonton area franchise that chose to use the Eskimos nickname.
    They went winless in three appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals.
    They changed their league affiliations four times in their history.
    Their first home arena, Thistle Rink burnt to the ground in a fire (1912).

Why Edmonton Deacons might not be annoying:

    They initially started as an amateur team, before making the switch to be a professional one.
    Eddie Shore was a member of the team, before reaching the NHL.
    They were charter members of both the Western Canada Hockey League and the Prairie Hockey League.
    They were considered a powerhouse franchise during their stint in the WCHL.
    They were the first Edmonton area franchise to play in a Stanley Cup Final.

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