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Scott Stapp

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The Resume

    (August 8, 1973- )
    Lead singer of Creed
    Albums 'My Own Prison,' 'Human Clay' and 'Weathered'
    Songs include 'Bullets,' 'Who's Got My Back,' 'My Sacrifice,' 'Are You Ready?,' 'With Arms Wide Open,' 'What If,' 'Higher,' 'One,' 'What's This Life For,' 'Torn' and 'My Own Prison'
    Performed on 'VH - 1 Storytellers: The Doors - A Celebration (2000)' and 'My VH1 Music Awards (2001)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He wears leather pants.
    He made a big deal over injuries in a car accident from suffering whiplash, a concussion and bulged discs.
    MTV is rumored to have made false reports about his accident which enraged Scott.
    He showed up at a Chicago concert drunk and was unable to perform.
    At the concert he was on his back with his legs in the air, mumbling into the microphone.
    He named his son Jagger.
    He is divorced.
    He dated Kristy Swanson.
    Many fans get and proudly display a tattoo of Creed's symbol.
    He ran away from home in attempt to escape a very strict religious upbringing.
    He had to copy the Bible by hand as a form of punishment when he was younger.
    He was expelled from Lee University for smoking pot.
    He only attended college in hopes of impressing his dad.
    A valued member of his band, Creed, quit after a dispute with Pearl Jam.
    He was arrested for public intoxication shortly after marrying Jaclyn Nesheiwat (February 10, 2006).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He ranked on VH1's Top 100 Sexiest Artists.
    He was challenged to a fist fight by Fred Durst, so he sent Fred an anger management book.
    His band members tried their best to cover for his drunkenness at the Chicago concert.
    One of his four sisters does the background vocals on 'Don't Stop Dancing.'
    He seems to adore his son and composed 'Lullaby' for him.
    He is of Cherokee Native American decent.
    He has a cult following of fans.
    The 'Arms Wide Open Foundation' (promoted by Hard Rock Cafes) was created by his band to benefit needy children (more than $300,000 has been provided).
    That foundation sponsors 2 camps - 'Comfort Zone Camp,' for children victimized by the Sept. 11th terrorists attacks and 'U.S. Space Camps Parent-Child Program,' where they will help send children and their parents whose financial situations may have otherwise not enabled them to attend.
    Many fans claim his lyrics, band's music and performances have saved several young lives once suicidal.
    Wind Up Records shut down a major message board with hundreds of fans and it's rumored it was because of so much depressing negativity that added to many young people talking about suicide.

Credit: Skunk Butt

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