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Los Angeles Chargers

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The Resume

    (1961- )
    Located in Los Angeles, California (2017- ), San Diego, California (1961-2016)
    No Super Bowl championships
    Four retired numbers: Dan Fouts's #14, Lance Alworth's #19, LaDanian Tomlinson's #21 and Junior Seau's #55

Why they might be annoying:

    They lost by 23 points to the San Francisco 49ers in their only Super Bowl appearance (1995).
    Residents of San Diego usually cheered for the road team; residents in LA seemingly didn't want the team.
    After spending 12 seasons with them, Junior Seau decided to leave San Diego for Miami to have a better chance at winning a Super Bowl (2003).
    The fires that plagued much of San Diego throughout late 2003 and forced them to move one of their home games to Tempe, Arizona (10/27/2003).

Why they might not be annoying:

    Lance Alworth set a pro football record by catching at least one pass in 96 consecutive games (1962-70).
    Lance was also the first former AFL player to enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame.
    They held 8 out of their 16 opponents in 1979 to ten or fewer points.
    Many feel that their running back, LaDanian Tomlinson, was the best overall back in the NFL, at the time he played.
    LaDanian became the first player in NFL history to rush for a 1000 yards and receive 100 passes.
    They get to play eight of their games in Los Angeles.

Credit: Poeboy and His Name is Robert

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