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NFL Fans: Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Resume

    (1993- )
    Root for their AFC team
    Often dress or paint themselves in the team colors of Teal, Black, Gold and White
    Distracted by team cheerleaders, the Roar
    They love their jaguar mascot Jaxson de Ville

Why they might be annoying:

    Most of them prefer to watch the college teams than their NFL Jaguars.
    They have a contest on Tuesday before each home game where fans are invited to a mall and be videotaped roaring, the best ones get on the jumbotron at Altel Stadium.
    Most of their fans do not drive Jaguars.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Although there are many empty seats at each home game, that is because they are a small city. It is said that 1 of 15 Jacksonville residents attends each game.
    In 1998, they led NFL cities with 6.85% of the city's population attending the weekly game.
    They felt alienated by the abrasive nature of their first head coach, Tom Coughlin.
    Almost 2,000 fans turned out for a press conference announcing Jack Del Rio as new head coach (January 17, 2002).
    The fans are spoiled over the early success of the franchise.

Credit: My Nephew Rich

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